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Yoga is about freedom...
...from the bondage of our own rigid perceptions and ingrained physicality. Proper execution of Yoga bestows specific effects on the breath. As the breath links to the mind and body a shift occurs to our perception. Viniyoga respects this link and the individual differences of the practitioner. It follows the ancient tradition of Hatha and Raja yoga as practiced by T Krishnamacharya and his son, Desikachar. YOGA for ALL draws from their teachings to develop a Yoga practice specifically designed for the needs of each individual student.
Flow with the ease of the wind.
There is a way to practice asana...
...not to become fancy. Not alone, to show how skilled we are, what we are capable of doing. And teachers are the most confused, feeling that they must prove their worth by demonstrating all the poses. And looking so very cool.

How to work hard, effectively, but to be easy in movement and easy in pose, easy in life. The breath to flow with the ease of the wind. As a wind instrument the body is played. External music will influence and weaken the internal rhythm, just another dependency. Watch as they force another pose reaching for a cassette to pull them through.
The reed of the throat produces the audible sound called ujjayii. The cords are played with the spine as it is reached, extended, flexed and twisted. Listen, can you hear the smooth sound vibrating in the clarity of the silent mind. Day by day becoming weeks and months into years and decades. Without break, the sincere practice is firmly established. The insanity of forcing has been washed away, the spine without pain and all blockages removed. Inhale, the wind of the universe has been accepted, hold as it's mixed with the music of life. Exhale, your poetry flows with the ease of the wind, hold as it's transforming the very world we live in.
Paul JJ Alix