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Through the practice of a Yoga that uses the power of the breath, a woman can maintain her nature to give birth overcoming fear and weakness.
We keep awareness of the needs of the developing child, while finding a practice best suited to the mother.

Conscious Birth

The birth of your child will resound throughout our society. Birthing and social conditions reflect each other. When there is a shift in our relationship to birth there will be a parallel shift in our overall quality of life on the planet.
Present day birthing conditions are indicative of the way we live. They often include physical constraints, numbing medication, and cesarean operations. These methods, often for the convenience and protection of the physician, distance parents and children from directly experiencing the power and beauty of birth.
Children need to be born, naturally. Our entire physical make-up and psychology is greatly affected by the birth process. When a man and woman takes responsibility for the birth of their child, they are making one of the greatest social changes that one could make on our planet.
We need to think about this. We put the responsibility in the doctor's hands, The doctor, avoiding lawsuits, is not often acting in the best interest of the child. The labor is a forming of an essential bond between parents and child. Drugs and shortcuts are wise to be avoided in the healthy situation.
When parents-to-be take responsibility for the delivery of their child, they take a giant step toward the transformation of our world. That child has a chance to develop properly, with a relationship, a deepened bond to the parents. Parents willing to face the pains, trials, and joys of natural birth and parenting are birthing a healthy world community.
Mother and Father Prenatal Yoga Class

We acknowledge the essential work of the father and siblings in the process of pregnancy and birth. Prenatal yoga classes are a unique way to honor, develop, and nurture familial relationships. Younger siblings begin to create a relationship with their new brother or sister that is loving and noncompetitive. Fathers take time to really tune into the process, physically, psychically, and emotionally. Mothers feel vitally supported by the participation of the whole family. And the child in utero is extraordinarily welcomed and loved!