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Making the Practice Yours!


Experience the true power of Yoga in the style of teachings given to Paul at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India. By taking a private class you will be taking a solid step in the advancement of your personal discipline, which can be enhanced by group classes. Our teaching follows the principles of the former Viniyoga school.

Yoga for All is a form of Yoga that seeks to meet the needs of the individual. From person to person, methods, levels, and sequences of possible practices can be applied in different ways. This ancient tradition of Hatha and Raja Yoga has been passed on from one teacher to one student for thousands of years. The teacher considers the energy and physical ability of the student in finding a safe, vigorous, and effective practice.

Paul is now making it possible for students to experience the true power of Yoga in the style of teachings given to him at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India. Students have the opportunity to request personalized, sessions wherein Paul will guide each student, effectively addressing individual concerns and encouraging the development of a more rewarding home practice.
Even in a class of 5 people, there are many differences in the way each person may need to work. One student may suffer from back pain while another has depression, again the next student may suffer from a weak heart as another may have constipation, and the fifth mentioned may be perfectly healthy looking for a spiritual connection. Each of these situations requires a different approach to the practice. One way of practice could be perfectly fine for heart weakness but ineffective for depression, mildly effective for constipation, troublesome for back pain and less than appropriate for the healthy. This is the beauty of Viniyoga. Paul had been taught in this way, and wants to pass this knowledge on to his students.
This program is highly recommended for anyone wishing to go beyond the possibilities offered in group classes. The deeper level of practice you can achieve through one on one instruction will set the foundation of a home practice, opening the doorway to the discovery of your unknown self.

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