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Thank you for visiting Oskar's Memorial.

Oskar was a quite unusual cat who was loved by each and everyone who had the fortune of making his acquaintance. He has been teaching with us for over 10 years and we owe much gratitude for his contribution. His loyalty and humble expression of tolerance and acceptance was surpassed by none.

Amazingly he never wanted to do the wrong thing, ever, always patient for what he desired. If he were hungry or wanted to go out or in, he never cried not even a whimper. This behavior was unique to him until the last 2 months of his life when his disease made his stomach cravings unbearable.

The soul that is Oskar will travel with me wherever I go. As my life takes a new course, one which he could not always follow physically, he will accompany me in spirit. Something about him caught the hearts of all. Even those who disliked cats and those who even feared cats would somehow allow his approach. Oskar melted them. They became friends with him and even looked forward to seeing him. There were those who said that Oskar was the only cat they liked. Even long time cat owners felt something special in the presence of the one and only, Oskar.