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Any Body. Any Condition. At Any Age.

YOGA for ALL's mission is to awaken a profound inward experience for Teachers and Students by offering programs which kindle a realization of Yoga practice as a joyful experience that celebrates life. YOGA for ALL educates people as to how to personalize yoga methodology in order to create a solid foundation for spiritual growth rather than leaving one struggle to imitate an ideal that symbolizes external progress.
As a presenter in your studio I can make my knowledge and chanting abilities available to your students in a manner that augments your teachings and will enhance your studio without challenging your own abilities or detracting from your financial well being and {as an implicit bonus} you and your teachers will pick up something useful for your practice and teaching skills.
Following is a short list of the topics I can deliver to your students. Together we can determine the length and number of each seminar along with my travel time in which I can deliver a package that will augment your teacher training program and your continuing education for your staff and students.
In view toward building a relationship with your studio I will be happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of my programs at an introductory rate or even a donation basis in your satsang evenings. I’m confident that once your school has tasted my program you will want to develop a long term relationship.
The following proposals are presented to prominent Yoga Teacher Training programs, Yoga Schools and Ashrams throughout America. "YOGA for ALL: Any Body. Any Condition. At Any Age." a non-dogmatic New York City based school which is highly influenced by the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar yet not bound by any specific name, brand, or tradition.

Chanting and Understanding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras, written by the great sage Patanjali, is the single most important text for students studying to become Yoga Teachers. The very vibration of these Sutras, as chanted by Paul, enables seasoned students to achieve a visceral experience of these pertinent teachings and insight into how they apply to daily life. Individualized attention allows students to learn at their own pace and focus on areas of the text most appropriate for their personal growth. This course can be combined with Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to encourage greater attention which accents the transformational effects. (see proposals #2 & 9)
Students are often inclined to put away notebooks and allow the clarity of chanting to access their higher intelligence. Expect a very interactive experience as questions are welcome. We will be chanting with proper Sanskrit inflection yet everyone who attends this course is brought into the circle and honored at their own level.

Aasana Sequencing

How to construct a practice so that aasanas prepare for each other building up to our peak aasana, and using aasana to soften the effects of these more challenging postures. We must be careful to not get caught trying to know too much from the outside of our postures. Often times we may find ourselves trying to progress, struggling to do more and better postures.

Let us not be fooled to judge progress from the outside. It's the proper experience that we are looking for in our practice. This is not a linear progression but rather a removal of what has been blinding us all the while. Learning to practice to release the Self from bondage rather than to accomplish some physical goal is the focus of our workshops.

The Yoga Sutras of Asana

So often students, especially when they are teachers, get stuck forcing their practice. Even when practicing alone there can be a tendency to struggle toward reaching some ideal. Patanjali warns us about the common pitfalls practitioners encounter and this seminar is designed to merge Asana and Pranayama with the Chanting of his Sutras. This unique combination allows us to reflect on his wisdom while in the midst of our practice. (see proposal #1)

Vedic Chanting

The celestial sounds of the Vedas link us to the roots of modern day yoga. The potency of these mantras in their original Vedic style captivate the mind and encourage deep meditation. Sages, many of them women, "heard" these hymns while contemplating in the forest in seclusion thousands of years ago. The Vedas represent a river of knowledge that has since been flowing through humanity, but previously kept for only a select few.
Being present to pronunciation, accent of tone (pitch), duration of sound, force of articulation, rhythm, continuity of sounds, posture, focus, and group energetics we will transcend our ordinary life and link with our divinity. Our attention will naturally move away from inner distractions toward the healing of ourselves and our planet. (see proposal #4)

Vedic Chanting in Vinyasa Yoga Asana Sequences

A profound meditation in movement through the harmonization of posture flow with melodious hymns.
Participants will experience Breath, Chanting, and Posture flowing in and through each other with magnificent concert seducing the mind to dive in and be purified. (see proposal #3)

Adapting Poses to Fit Individual Needs.

Participants will learn how to address individual needs and adapt yoga postures to suit a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. This workshop will be interactive in that we study both our practice and our teaching and then modify them to obtain an improved outcome. Rather than replace our routine, we will creatively build and adapt it to better serve our needs. Please bring obstacles from your own or your students' practices and as a group we will construct a program that matches your specific presentations.

Pratikriya: the Relief of Counterpose

When a student has strained to execute a difficult pose, the body requires a return to equilibrium and this is accomplished through counterpose. This class is comprehensive in its treatment of counterpose and addresses the following questions that often arise regarding this topic: Which postures necessitate a counterpose? Is there only one appropriate counterpose for each asana? Does each person require counterposes suited to his/her particular body? Does a counterpose need a counterpose? What happens if the wrong counterpose is used? Could a commonly used counterpose learned under a valid popular tradition be potentially harmful or ineffective? Through careful and detailed instruction, students will learn how to prescribe counterposes that combat the stresses inherent in a challenging yoga practice as well as in daily life.

The Breath of Asana

Quality of breath has a profound influence on the overall well-being of our human existence and can make all the difference in our asana practice. Respiration has a direct connection to the pranic body and can pump prana throughout the system to any limb or organ, even through the sushumna, the cardinal astral tube running inside the spinal column. Mastering this art of breathing can dissolve bodily pain and discomfort and increase our energy flow, while keeping our asana practice fluid, rhythmic and alive.
Education of the various possibilities of directing the breath in asana will be covered.

The Breath of Mind

Our state of mind has profound effects on breath and even more interestingly, breath affects our mind state. This intimate connection is mundane, esoteric and even mystical while having potential to open the doors to meditation and spirituality. Participants will use Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting to initiate conscious rhythmic breath for a meditative transformation of the mind state.

Introduction to Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a celestial language that reveals the source of wisdom written about so eloquently in ancient yogic texts. Participants will learn to identify individual letters of the Sanskrit alphabet as well as noun and verbal endings. We will harmonize our voices and senses with the flowing dynamics of sound as we master the fundamentals. This simple act of recitation has the effect of clearing the mind so we can learn with ease instead of struggle. The chanting of the Sanskrit language is not only pleasing to the ear, but also therapeutic for one’s total well being!

Overcoming Script Fear

In Session I, participants will learn the how to read, write, and pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet correctly. We will develop a clear understanding of where the sounds are produced in the mouth and how these sounds relate to the written Devanagari and Transliteration scripts.

Sandhi Rules

In Session II we will cover the rules that determine how various sounds in the Sanskrit language connect to one another. Initially, these Sandhi rules may seem complicated, but once we discover how to make sense of them, they are easy to remember and apply.

Exhilaration with Nouns & Verbs

In Session III we will chant Noun and Verbal endings. This will allow participants to see and understand the structure of the language which inevitably makes learning Sanskrit an easier task. Students can continue chanting these basic sounds as a way to deepen their connection to the language and as a vehicle for meditation.

What Studio Owners and Their Students Say

Paul's] dedication to personal practice and his ongoing broad based inquiry into the multidimensional nature of Yoga teachings will make him an asset to any teacher training program, at an introductory level as well as continuing education for experienced teachers.

Gary Kraftsow (owner)
American Viniyoga Institute
Maui, Hawaii

Like any master, Paul, the work you have done in India and the United States in perfecting your practice has certainly helped you become an expert in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Vedic chanting. I love the way you integrate it into your asana instruction and I see how it helps novices understand yoga on a visceral level. I honor the example of living yoga you bring into my Starseed Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Jyoti Chrystal (owner)
Starseed Center for Yoga and Shamanism
Montclair, NJ
973 783-1036

This course exceeded my expectations because I was able to relax and enjoy the flow versus jamming to "get somewhere."
What I enjoyed was the knowledge that where I was, was where I was supposed to be! Paul JJ Alix's instruction was gentle and so wonderfully light that it spoke peace to my spirit. "Poetry in motion," was what I felt like as I moved to my own internal rhythm. I no longer felt as though I had to be pleasing to anyone else, except myself.

Rev Keishe L. Harris
East Orange, NJ 07018

Paul's chanting, asana practice, and his teachings on the Sutras have changed my personal practice and my classes profoundly. Thanks to his teaching, I can help my students with breathing and asana, much more coherently and clearly than before. I understand the principles behind class planning better. And I have a firmer grasp of the theory behind adaptation of poses. Exposure to Paul's Vedic chanting is not only a pleasure, it has also radically changed my consciousness, my practice, my day to day happiness.

Susanna Nicholson (owner)
Union Yoga Loft
313 Second street SE
Charlottesville, VA 22902
434 977-0030

I recommend Paul's workshops on the Yoga Sutras to any serious student of yoga. Paul uses a combination of reading, discussion and chanting to convey the lessons of the Sutras in a way that is powerful and moving. Having taken two of Paul's workshops and collaborated with him on a Yoga Sutra program for Yoga Site, I can say that Paul demonstrates extraordinarily high levels of knowledge, skill and dedication as both a yoga teacher and a practitioner.

John Tunney (owner)
Yoga Site
37 Route 6A
Orleans, MA 02653

The Yoga Sutra program the other night was so great, the next day the girl Linda was in tears (literally) when she was speaking about the chanting. They all absolutely loved it. We will do another event again.

Fran Ubertini (owner)
Yoga for Well-Being
5 Coates Drive, Suite 2
845.294.YOGI (9644)
Eastgate Corporate Park
Goshen, New York 10924

It was a pleasure meeting you and attending your yoga workshop for teachers at Integral Yoga Institute this evening. Not only were you inspirational but have helped me to reframe my concept of what ones yoga practice should be. Individualization/customization of the asanas in ones practice is a concept that is so over looked in most of the yoga schools that I have attended. I would like very much to take classes with you and or attend any workshops that you offer in the near future.

Diane Charlton
718 243-0968
Integral Yoga Institute Teacher

"I feel very grateful to be able to study with you because I think you are an authentic teacher. It's rare to find a teacher who lives their yoga. Desikachar says, 'An acharya is someone who leads by example.'"

Patricia Sanzone
yoga teacher, NYC